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Lisbon (in translation from the Portuguese "Kohana Bay") - the capital, the main port and port of Portugal - rostashovaniyah on the Atlantic uzrezhzhі, in the middle of the river Tagus. All the most powerful countries. The population of the Great Lisbon become 2300000 people.

From ancient times there was a settlement of Lusitans, as in 714 Rotsі Bulo occupied by Arabs. In 1147, the rostі mіsto bulo vdvіovane in the arabs by the portuguese and uvіishov in the portuguese kingdom. Z 1255 roku Lisabon - the capital of Portugal.

Misto sprawled on seven pagorbas, descending in ledges into the bich river Tezhu. Moreover, in Lisbon bagato gatherings and funklers, in order with the most specialties, you can give you charisma your freedom. Literally in December, there are plenty of busy traffic routes of the great city, you can get off the beaten track, take small bicycles, save canary cars, ideal parks with quick rates to hear about forgotten rates. Bagato vulitsі vimoschenі vapnyakovymi bars. The right-hand side of the terasi (miradoru), especially the Lisbon specialty, are trailing right. The architecture of all styles was angry at the place of the mosaic - Lisbon is living in the defense of melancholy decadence with myths progressing. Madly, one of the most beautiful places in the world.

The central part of the city is flat. Tse area area Rosіu. The areas of the arches are made of malyovnich, with mosaic bridge, bronze fountains, statues of King Pedro IV. Stuff on it spoiled єretikіv і vlashtovuvali corridi. Well, here you can see the buddhia of a dramatic theater.

On pivnich view of the Rossii square there is the Rishtauradores square and the central highway of the capital - Svobody Avenue (dovzhina - 1.5 km, width - 100 m). Vaughn is paved with kolorovy with cough tiles, framed by aleans of chestnut trees and palm trees. Uzdovzh vulitsі drag on bagati mansions, restaurants, hotels, luxurious shops.

The Commercial Center of Lisbon, the Baix district, there are two separate parts of the city’s clear geometrical street. There are a lot of palaces, a church, and a masa bank and a universal store. One of the numerical funklers - Elevador de Santa Justa, motivations behind the butt of the Eiffel Tower was right there. Vіn pov'yazuє along the vertical lower and upper mіsto. One of the memorials of the lower place is the arch, which is right from the square of Prasa do Commeraus with the avenue of Augusta. Tsya arch - one із symbolіv Lisіbona. Vaughn was shabby, embellishments with reliefs and statues of people of the country.

On the Baisha gathering, near the fortified pagorba, a kind of castle of St. George, the old quarter of the city - Alfama, apart from the center of Rimsky, and the famous Moorish town - fell apart. Here the old-fashioned church of Lisbon - Patriarch’s church (XII century) is rooted. All the kings startled to embellish and onovity її. To the memorials of a shameful place one can see the same church of the Mother of God (ear of the XVI century), the palace of the Mityra (XVII century), and the Museum of Lisbon. Vulitsі terasami to operate pagorb. Neviski kam'yanі budinki with tiled dahs frame the brooks.

The monument to the great seafarer-Portuguese Fernanov Magellan has been equipped on the Chivi area. The private and private parts of the city are unchanged and the national library.

In the western, but in the new city there is one of them in the architectural district of the area - the street of São Bento and the square of the City and Amoreiras. Naibylsh primitive palace of national fences (1834), municipal palace p. with twisted gatherings and palaces of the Portuguese nobility, as well as an ancient aqueduct of 66 meters zavods, there are 35 arches.

There are many beautiful parks, є botanical garden. Varto Vidvidati numerical museums, middle-sized and most museums-do-chiadu, presented to the Portuguese mystery from the 19th century until now; Museum of Kalyust Gulben-nyan - the largest art museum in Portugal, de Mist to create first-hand paintings of European art to Europe, French art, French and international expositions; National Museum of the Old-Time Mystery; The Museum of Ceramics, a collection of the characteristic of the Portuguese tiled mystery, the National Museum of Archeology and Ethnology, is presented at night.

Now you have reached the warehouse of the city of Belen and Azhud - the beautiful part of the capital. Tsikaviy architektic monument of Blekot in the style of manuel - monastir Zheronimush with the church of Santa Maria de Belém, there is the tomb of Vasco da Gami. Nepodalik vid monastirya, right in the river Tagus, cost watchtower Torre de Belem, stars in the old hours violated the mandri of the great Portuguese seafaring. From about 35 m, the upper oglyadov terrace is located on a yakiy, miraculous panorama is seen. In the erysipelas Belensky Palace - the residence of the President of the Republic - there is a clear museum of carriages.

Varto vidvidaty old quarter in the Bayrro Alto district, in the most part of Lisbon. Little budinochkas go down the chimney with small little ladies, pubs and ministers. Bayrro Alto є also the center of the night life of Lisbon. There is a bagato bar, a restaurant and a fado cafe, de sounds of music are filled with melancholy naspіvami.

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