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Cheerless and proud Hungarians each time after numerous wars and invasions with love restored Budapest, at the same time a European city, but exclusively Hungarian. The picturesque countryside, beautiful nature and magnificent architecture give the capital a charm. But its main treasure is thermal springs.
Budapest - the pearl of the Danube, the industrial center of Hungary. This is a city with a vibrant character, unique architecture, rich cultural traditions. The romantic atmosphere of Budapest streets is often equated with Parisian. There are many tourists here during the high season - both during the warmer months and during the Christmas holidays. Periods of tourist "lull" are considered the best time for shoppers. All year round they go to Budapest for treatment and rehabilitation: the city is famous for its thermal springs - there are more than 120 of them.

City s history

Budapest became a single city relatively recently - since 1873. It was then that three villages finally united: Buda, Obuda, Pest. And the history of the Hungarian capital began with the settlement of the ancient Celts Ak-Inc, which arose near the Danube in the 1st century A.D. The Celts were replaced by the Romans, Ostrogoths, Huns. Hungarian tribes appeared on these lands at the end of the 9th century. The city survived the Turkish capture, was liberated by the Austrians, became the possession of the Habsburgs. After the conclusion of the Austro-Hungarian agreement and the unity of the three cities, Budapest began to develop rapidly. He suffered the German occupation and the Soviet assault of 1945, until 1989 he lived under the pro-Soviet regime.

Many valuable architectural objects here suffered during the war years. Recovery lasted until 1960. The inhabitants of Budapest take care of the heritage of the past and keep their monuments.скачать dle 11.0фильмы бесплатно

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