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Temperatura média a noite: +5 - +20°C

Temperatura média a dia: +8 - +40°C

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Custo de descanso:600 - 10 000


Useful data for tourists about Monaco, cities and resorts of the country. As well as information about the population, currency of Monaco, cuisine, features of visa and customs restrictions of Monaco.

The Principality of Monaco is one of the smallest states in the world, located in southern Europe, on the shores of the Mediterranean Sea, near the border of France and Italy. The territory of Monaco consists of the merged city districts of Monaco, Monte Carlo, La Condamine and Fontvieille.

Monaco is located on an elevated seashore formed by limestone mountains, which are the southern continuation of the Maritime Alps. Cape Monaco is rocky, protrudes far into the sea, La Condamine is a small open bay. The surface relief is hilly, rugged, rocky. The highest point is Mont Agel (140 m.).

Hotels in Monaco - a high level of service and comfort, and the same high prices. Many tourists prefer to live in hotels in neighboring France, spending a little time on the road than overpaying for housing. Even modest options by ordinary standards will cost a lot. For example, a room in a three-star hotel without breakfast will cost about 80 euros.

Monaco Attractions

At first impression, it seems that the principality is almost completely built up with multi-storey buildings, but this is not so. Approximately 30% of the entire country is gardens and parks. And the buildings along the seashore are chic restaurants and casinos.

A significant part of the country's revenues comes from media and publishing houses for covering the life of the princely family. Therefore, the main attraction of Srana is, of course, the princely palace. This is the official residence of the rulers of Monaco. For seven centuries the princely palace was and remains the only residence of the Grimaldi clan. For six months of the year, the palace is open for visits by the general public. In a series of luxuriously furnished rooms, you can learn a lot about the history of the European monarchy. And from the site of the palace offers the most beautiful view of Monte Carlo and the coastal port. Casinos in Monaco are the oldest and most respectable in the whole Old World. The casino in Monte Carlo was opened in 1862, and the park opposite it is the most expensive place in the world. The casino halls are decorated with marble sculptures, paintings and frescoes. Entrance costs 10 euros.


The pride of a modest principality is the Oceanographic Museum, which was for a long time managed by Jacques Yves Cousteau himself. In 90 pools, local and exotic fish are splashing around, sea trifles that you cannot see with the naked eye are offered to be viewed through a magnifying glass. Here you can also see a hall with ship models, skeletons of whales and stuffed sea creatures, a collection of navigation instruments and ancient sea charts, a cinema hall and a library. Any oceanarium fades in comparison with the rich and unusual collection of the Oceanographic Museum. At the Museum of Antique Cars of Prince Rainier, every car presented is a work of art from the rarest retro cars to the masterpieces of technology today.

Climate of Monaco :: Mediterranean with mild, humid winters and hot, dry summers.


Monte Carlo Larvoto Beach is the most glamorous and chic beach in the country. It is customary to come here to swim and sunbathe in full dress: it is possible without the upper part of the leotard, but it is impossible without gemstones, as numerous guidebooks playfully say about this place. In fact, it is very clean and comfortable. La Condamine is a former seaport. Now this place in the country is the most densely populated with a rich nightlife. This is the most comfortable place in the whole principality: in the morning under the arches of the orange alleys you can sip coffee slowly, and in the evening enjoy the beautifully-neon city landscapes.


Most tourists come here not for numerous attractions. Most beckons with a vibrant nightlife. Exclusive restaurants, night clubs and shows, discos - there are a lot of them. Each of the places has its own unique image, but the level of service is high wherever you go. The famous Casino is considered a place of rest for high society from around the world. The Formula 1 Grand Prix in May is the country's main event, attracting thousands of tourists from around the world.

Monaco Terrain :: Hilly, rocky.


There is no large transport system (given the size of the country itself). Monaco is connected with the rest of the world by rail, autobahns, airports and ferry services. Taxis and buses are common in cities (they run on a schedule, the traffic interval is about 10 minutes). A kind of "transport" - escalators. They take pedestrians to the streets above. You can rent a car. The country has representatives of international rental companies.

Monaco standard of living

The main income of the country is tourism and casinos. Citizens of the country are not subject to income tax. The standard of living of this country is similar to the standard of living in France. The level of security here is the highest in Europe due to the fact that the local police system is the most powerful in the whole world.

Monaco has resources like:: No.

Cities of Monaco

The capital of the principality is the city of Monaco of the same name (and not Monte Carlo, as many people think). The population is 4 thousand people. The city of Monte Carlo is known for its vibrant nightlife and the main concentration of casinos in the country and the center of business life.скачать dle 11.0фильмы бесплатно

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