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Washington is a city in the northeastern United States off the Potomac River. It is the capital of the United States and is part of the District of Columbia. In order not to confuse it with the state of the same name, it is customary to use the abbreviation “D.C.” (this sounds like Washington DC). It borders the state of Maryland, and in the southwest - with the lands of Virginia. Washington's metropolitan area includes the District of Columbia. The total population of this metropolitan area is 5.4 million. About 600 thousand people live in the city itself.

In Washington, many government buildings and institutions are concentrated, such as the White House, the Pentagon, embassies of more than 170 states, the headquarters of the World Bank, the seat of the Senate and the US Congress.


The climate in the city is humid subtropical. Throughout the year, 4 seasons can be clearly distinguished. Almost 64 days a year, the temperature in the city drops to a minus mark. In winter, it is relatively cool, and the average temperature in January is about 0 degrees. Summer in Washington is hot and humid. This combination of weather often contributes to severe storms or tornadoes. Over 36 days a year in a city, the temperature exceeds + 32C.


After the proclamation of the creation of the United States, a need arose for a permanent state capital. Circumstances demanded that it be located in a territory not part of any state. President George Washington liked the left bank of the Potomac River, where he decided to build the capital of his state. In 1791, it received its official name in honor of the president. An interesting fact is that initially the territory of Washington was in the form of a square, the side of which was 10 miles. With the passage of time and the change in the administrative subordination of lands, Washington lost this regular geometric shape.

Today, the mayor is the head of the city. But any official document with its signature or adopted by the city council of the US Congress has every right to reject or amend. Therefore, it turns out that the population of the District of Columbia has a limited level of self-government.


Washington is a city with a diverse and growing economy, an important part of which is owned by the federal government. Almost 27% of the jobs in the city are provided by the state. There are many headquarters, law firms, trade unions and manufacturers of various goods. The reason for this, of course, is the desire to be closer to the government.

According to statistics for 2010, unemployment in Washington County was 12%, and 19% of residents received income below the minimum subsistence level. However, in terms of average annual income per person, the city leads the 50 states.


More than half of Washington's inhabitants are African-Americans. The population with Asian roots is 3.1%, and whites - 36.3%.

Residents of the capital are considered sufficiently educated. According to statistics, almost 46% of the adult population in the city have at least 4 years of college. It is interesting that, despite such a high level of education, as of 2007, one third of the city's inhabitants could not write English freely.

Washington landmarks

Washington strikes with a harmonious combination of spacious landscapes with grandiose buildings. A great merit in this belongs to the famous French architect Pierre Lansfan. According to his project, many national monuments, park areas and avenues were built in Washington. The city is conditionally divided into square-shaped quarters. They all converge at the Capitol, in which the congress sits.

Since the Washington Monument was designed as the highest point in the city, there are practically no skyscrapers in the capital.

The National Mall located in the center of Washington is considered the most popular place for excursions in the city. It is an open area with numerous museums and memorials. In its center is the famous Washington Obelisk. On the west side of the National Mall is the Lincoln Memorial, and in it is a statue of the 16th President of the State, Abraham Lincoln. Memorials dedicated to war heroes in which the United States took part are located in the same part of the Mall.

Between the Capitol and the Washington Monument is the most popular museum in the city, which offers its visitors to admire a large collection of exhibits on the subject of astronautics and aviation. Not far from here is the National Archives and the National Museum of American History.

In addition to such a large number of museums and monuments, Washington is famous for its park areas, under which almost a fifth of the city is occupied.скачать dle 11.0фильмы бесплатно

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