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Georgetown, capital of Guyana, adm. the center of the Demerara Mahaika region. Us. 238.7 thousand people (2007). Located in the north-east of the country, on the coast of the Atlantic approx., Near the mouth of the river. Demerara. The largest transport center. Pestilence. port (export of bauxite, gold, sugar, rum, wood, citrus fruits, rice, shrimp). Vostok passes through D. the coast. Int. airport them. Cheddy Jagan (41 km from D.); ext. transportation is served by Ogl airport (11 km from D; 50 thousand passengers and 1.8 thousand tons of cargo in 2003; reconstructed and expanded to serve intra-Caribbean destinations).

Founded in 1781 by the British, named after George III. From 1784 adm. center niderl. colonial possessions in South. America, renamed Tabrok (Stabrook). In 1812 he moved to Great Britain; then the city was returned to the original. name. In 1831–1966 the center of Brit. Guiana, since 1966 the capital of Guyana.

Georgetown (Guyana). Building Nat. assemblies. 1829–34.
The layout is based on a clear rectangular network of wide greened streets. In business and trade areas of D. prevail.-concrete. buildings of the 1950s; in other quarters, Ch. arr. wood. one-story buildings on high brick supports. Among the architect. monuments - Church of St. Andrew (1811-18), tree. St. George's Anglican Cathedral (1889–94, architect A. Blomfield), Catholic. Cathedral (built from yellow concrete slabs, 1915–20s), buildings of Nat. assemblies (1829–34), courts (1887), Town Halls (1887–89). University of Guyana (1963), economical. Carnegie School (1933), tech. Institute (1951); pedagogical., S.-kh. colleges, art school (1975), Guyana Center prof. training (1966) and others. Nat. Guyana (1909). Nat Guyana Museum (1853), Anthropological. The Walter Rough Museum (1974). Theater "Guild Tietr", Nat. Cultural Center (1976). Botanich. Garden, Zoo (1952).

The economy is dominated by the service sector; in D. the economic headquarters are located. associations of countries Lat. America CARICOM, the country's largest sugar corporation Guyana Sugar Corporation, as well as a number of leading companies, including financial (Bank of Guyana, “Weiting and Richter”, “N. Osman Investments”, “Western Union Guyana” and etc.), consulting ("KPMG Guyana"), in the field of telecommunications and communications ("National Communications Network", "Guyana Telephone & Telegraph Company", etc.), trade ("Guyana Stores"), utilities, hotel business. That means. part of the mountains. Revenues are generated from transport services for the export of products through port D. Enterprises producing sugar, rum, beer, tobacco products, packaging materials, furniture; woodworking.скачать dle 11.0фильмы бесплатно
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