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Cidade do país - Austrália

Temperatura média a noite: -10 +15°C

Temperatura média a dia: +25 +50°C

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Canberra is the capital of Australia. The name of the city comes from the aboriginal word, and means "meeting place." This city is an amazing child of the twentieth century. Unlike the cities that grew out of old settlements, with curved narrow streets, and erratic, controversial buildings that now seem nice and cozy to us from the height of modern skyscrapers - Canberra is a carefully planned, well-thought-out city - vibrant and interesting, with its own unique a spirit that undoubtedly distinguishes it from other cities in Australia.

Canberra appeared as a result of a compromise in the struggle for primacy between Sydney and Melbourne. The place for the future capital was chosen for a long time and carefully. Finally, in 1913, construction began in accordance with the architectural plans of Walter Burley Griffin, an American architect whose project won the competition. Griffin is named after a huge artificial lake in the center of Canberra - a place of rest and boat trips. The first parliamentary meeting in the new capital took place in 1927, but it began to acquire the features of a real vibrant city of Canberra only after the Second World War.

Now Canberra is primarily a city where the country's political power is concentrated, where the seat of government and representative offices of various countries are located. It is also a large educational, cultural and research center, surrounded by greenery, spacious, with beautiful modern architecture and a huge number of attractions.

Many people call Canberra the “Truly Natural Capital” because it is surrounded on all sides by an Australian bush and looks like a small town in the middle of vast village spaces. Not far south of Canberra in the Snowy Mountains is Australia's main and only ski resort - Thredbo.

Canberra is a miniature town, so you can explore it in almost one day, so few people stay here for the night. This is mainly done by those who travel by car or buses from Melbourne to Sydney. The most rational way to visit Canberra is to take a 14-hour bus excursion from Sydney. The bus travels from Sydney to Canberra 4 and a half hours, so even delegations that meet with their colleagues in Canberra usually live in Sydney.скачать dle 11.0фильмы бесплатно

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