The National Dinosaur Museum

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The National Dinosaur Museum

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The National Dinosaur Museum is the largest permanent exhibition of prehistoric artifacts in the southern hemisphere, located in the town of Gold Creek Village near Canberra. The museum exposition tells about the evolution of life on Earth, with a special emphasis on the history of the existence and disappearance of dinosaurs. About 55 thousand people visit the museum every year, which makes it one of the most popular in the country. In the gift shop you can buy one of a huge number of real fossils with a thousand-year history.

Founded in 1993, the museum is constantly expanding its paleontological collections, keeping abreast of advanced scientific discoveries. Today in the museum you can see 23 whole skeletons of dinosaurs and more than 300 fossilized remains.

Focusing on education and entertainment, the museum offers ample opportunities to get acquainted with its exhibits - from tours accompanied by guides to puppet shows and theme parties for children and adolescents.

Museum collections invite you to travel in time - from the very beginning of the history of the Earth to the appearance of modern animals. This journey tells about the development of life on our planet and how amazing creatures dinosaurs were.

The museum also publishes the magazine "Dinosaur Time", which is published every 4 months and covers the latest discoveries and achievements of paleontology, and the extensive encyclopedia "eDinosauria", dedicated to prehistoric life.скачать dle 11.0фильмы бесплатно
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