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Temperatura média a noite: +20 + 30°C

Temperatura média a dia: +25 +35°C

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Custo de descanso:300 - 2000


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Melekeok is the capital of the Republic of Palau. The village is located on the islands of Palau, which are part of the archipelago of Carolingian island.

Scientists just can’t determine the period of people’s occupation of these territories, presumably, the first settlements appeared in 2500-1000 BC. The first settlements here were fishing villages, and the level of development of local residents was rather low.

The Spaniards discovered these lands in 1543, after which in 1783 the British also sailed here. In 1885, the islands turned into a Spanish colony, after which in 1899 they passed into the hands of the Germans. In 1914, the islands came under Japanese control, and then in 1947, the islands found themselves under US control. All this time, the city did not play a significant role in the development of the islands.

In 1994, Palau formally gained independence, after which in 2006, the city of Melekeok was officially proclaimed the capital of the state.

Today is the foundation of the city’s economy. Like the whole country, is a travel business. Tourists are attracted here by the nature and climate of the region, which perfectly contribute to relaxation. The population of the city is only 391 inhabitants.скачать dle 11.0фильмы бесплатно

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