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Cidade do país - Tuvalu

Temperatura média a noite: +8 - +20°C

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Funafuti is an atoll that is the capital of Tuvalu. The atoll includes 33 islands, which ring (width from 10 to 400 meters) surround the Te-Namo lagoon. Fongafale is the largest island in the atoll. It is home to the settlement of Waiaku, where government offices are located. Therefore, sometimes the capital of Tuvalu is called Vaiaku or Fongafale, but officially the entire capital of Funafuti is the capital. Only on the three islands of the atoll has a resident population.

Atoll islands populated by immigrants from Samoa and Tonga in the 3-5 centuries were discovered by the Spanish navigator Alvaro Mendanya in 1568, but remained unexplored until the 18th century. From 1892-1978, Funafuti was part of the British protectorate of Ellis Island, and with independence Tuvalu became the capital.
Despite the fact that Funafuti is the most populated atoll of the state, the appearance and lifestyle here is quite rural. The atoll suffers from overpopulation, soil erosion and garbage disposal are a big problem. On Funafuti, some of the houses are built in the traditional style of wood and leaves, and the main attractions are the Tuvalu Church and the remains of the crashed American plane of World War II in coastal waters.скачать dle 11.0фильмы бесплатно

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