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Amsterdam has excellently organized in Amsterdam, which is an important factor in favor of this route. The number of hotels of different price levels, restaurants with the best European cuisine, excellent museums and other options for cultural leisure in this amazing city is simply amazing. And, of course, Amsterdam is famous for its free morals, the best night clubs in the world and the legalization of certain drugs.

And Amsterdam is a city of tulips. It is often called the brightest and most unusual city in Europe, which is impossible not to agree, having been there at least once.

Climate and weather

Amsterdam is located in the temperate zone. The proximity of the North Sea has a significant and important effect on the weather, therefore north-westerly winds prevail here. Winter in this region is rather mild, the average temperature practically does not fall below 0 C during the day and –5 C at night. Frosts are quite rare. Summer is comfortable and moderately warm, the heat is not different. The average air temperature at this time is approximately +22 C. Precipitation occurs quite often, mainly from October to March, but they are not plentiful and not long: light drizzle or light rain.

The most enjoyable time to visit Amsterdam is the period from late April to early May.


Amsterdam is located in the northwestern part of the Netherlands, on the banks of the IJsselmeer Bay, at the mouth of the full-flowing Amstel River. This river, which flows through the central part of the city, forms a whole network of canals, in addition, a separate channel connects the city with the North Sea.
City parks and green areas make up only 12% of the entire city, as the continuous urbanization of Amsterdam is gradually destroying the natural landscape. Although pine forests, as well as ash, oak, yew and beech groves are still preserved in the suburban areas, they are quite small.


Almost every old Amsterdam house is a historical relic. For example, the famous "Tower of Tears." It was from its walls that the Dutch ships set sail for long voyages. And the construction got its name in connection with the tearful farewells of wives to their spouses, sailors.

In general, in Amsterdam there are many ancient religious buildings, of which the Southern Church (it is considered the first official Protestant church), as well as the Northern and Western churches are especially distinguished. In addition to the above, the Old Church located in the Red Light District, which was built in honor of St. Nicholas, the protector and patron of Amsterdam, enjoys special interest and honor.
The main historical point of the city was Dam Central Square. Opposite the palace is the National Monument, erected in memory of the victims of fascism. If we talk about the Second World War and fascism, the apotheosis of the memory of the victims of the shameful regime in Amsterdam is the Anne Frank Memorial House Museum, whose Jewish family has been hiding from the Nazis for a long time.

Other historically important sights include the Beginok Convent, which has now become a retirement home, Rembrandt Square with its monument to the great artist and the New Commodity Exchange with a rehearsal base for the Netherlands Philharmonic Orchestra.

There are a lot of interesting and unique museums in Amsterdam, as well as unique sights: the Museum of the History of Amsterdam, the Rembrandt House Museum, the National Museum of Vincent Van Gogh and the eccentric Amsterdam Museum of Sex.
The particular districts of Amsterdam have particular originality and value: the Jewish district with its many synagogues, as well as the Red Light District, where not only old buildings are located, but also numerous coffee shops, sex shops and brothels.


The most popular dish in Amsterdam, no matter how strange it may seem, is herring. Here it is eaten as fast food: cut on a paper plate, with onions and pickles, as well as in the form of a fish hot dog. In addition to all kinds of variations from herring, other fish products are included in the everyday menu of the townspeople: flounder, eel, oysters, halibut, etc. They are cooked, fried, and salted in various ways. Most often served with boiled potatoes. By the way, despite the fact that Belarusians are considered the main potato lovers, it seems that in Holland this root crop is the most popular. So, in Amsterdam, at every step there are tents with "French fry" - French fries, filled with mayonnaise or ketchup.
If we talk about the traditional national dishes of Holland, then the main one is hutspot (hot pot) - stewed slices of beef. It is customary to serve with mashed vegetables from onions, carrots and potatoes (stamppot). No less popular is a dish called guzpot - meat stew from stews, boiled potatoes, carrots and onions. Well, of course, having been to Holland, you can’t help but try at least one of its high-quality cheeses.

Of the drinks, the most common are coffee, tea, milk with anise, hot chocolate and warm lemonade (kvast). And among the strong drinks, the most popular is Enever, the ancestor of the English gin, which was invented by a Dutch doctor. Advocaat liquor based on beaten eggs and brandy is also widely known.


The center of Amsterdam does not lack hotels, but it’s not so easy to settle in an acceptable and desirable place. Although there are many accommodation options in the city at first glance, in fact, they are not enough for all visitors. Therefore, if you do not book a room in advance, there is a possibility of being left without housing.
Moreover, the cost of rooms, even in some 4 * hotels, can reach 400 € for a standard room.

Fun and relaxation

Amsterdam is often called the Venice of the North, which is not surprising: the total length of the city’s canals is more than 100 km, and the number of bridges rolls over 1000. A romantic cruise on the city’s canals will allow you to admire the city and simply bring great pleasure.
Found in Amsterdam and entertainment for fans of beach sports and relaxation. The most suitable beaches for these purposes are Zandvoort and IJmuiden. Fans of active pastimes can also arrange a bike ride, as this means of transportation is very popular here.

However, real life in Amsterdam begins at night. The city is replete with an incredible number of clubs, discos and bars. These nightlife venues host daily entertainment, concerts and theme parties. A special article in the Amsterdam entertainment industry is coffee shops, where you can legally try soft drugs, which are fully legalized in the Netherlands.
We also recommend visiting the Cat Boat, which has become a haven for stray cats, going to the diamond cutting factory, taking a walk in the city zoo and listening to street musicians performing on the central streets of the city.


Amsterdam is famous all over the world for its bookstores and antique shops, as well as diamonds and original souvenirs. Although tourists are more interested in fashion stores and shoes, which are countless here. The most attractive places for shopping are the streets of Leidsestraat, Kalverstraat and Damrak, which are simply full of shops, forming one kind of hypermarket. These streets are pedestrian, but care must be taken not to encounter one of the many cyclists.

Among the closed shopping complexes it is worth highlighting Magna Plaza and Kalvertoren, as well as the main department store of Amsterdam Bijenkorf. The city’s most popular open market is Albert Cuyp, where you can buy everything from Dutch cheeses to clothing. The second most important market is Kalvertoren. It includes not only shopping arcades, but also small department stores. In addition, in Amsterdam, you can find fashion boutiques, second-hand stores, flea markets, sex shops, souvenir shops and designer galleries on virtually every corner. Grand sales are held throughout the year.
If we talk about souvenirs, then the most popular and popular are cheeses, whiskeys, tulip bulbs, old wooden shoes and figurines of mills. A separate article is on souvenirs on the topic of soft drugs and free love. An incredible number of them can be found in Amsterdam: from T-shirts with corresponding inscriptions and pictures to ceramic figures.


In Amsterdam, public transport is represented by trams, buses and four metro lines. The city center, where the main attractions are concentrated, is quite compact, so here you can not use public transport at all.скачать dle 11.0фильмы бесплатно

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