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Today, Africa is the second largest continent in the world, which, with an area of ​​29.2 million square kilometers, is second only to Eurasia in its territory. At the same time, Africa is the only continent in the world through which not only the equator’s meridian runs, but also has several climatic zones, starting from the northern subtropics and ending with the southern subtropical zone.

In addition, it is worth noting that this continent also includes its insular part, located in the waters of the Indian and Atlantic oceans with an area of ​​more than ten million square kilometers. And the largest of the islands of the African continent is the island of Madagascar. It is worth noting that the great interest in the African continent from many countries of Europe and America is determined by the fact that the African continent is quite rich in natural resources. In particular, Africa has the largest diamond deposit located in the Republic of South Africa in the suburbs of the small town of Kimberley, where one of the largest deposits of natural diamonds owned by the international company De Beers is located.

African countries

Today, 55 states are located on the territory of the African continent, which were formed after a significant part of them gained independence from European countries as a result of national liberation movements. Moreover, these processes continue today, when certain territories of African states are controversial due to the presence on them of deposits of all the same minerals.

In addition, some African countries are the largest players in the oil and gas markets of the world, among which are Saudi Arabia, the United Arab Emirates and Kuwait, which occupy more than half of this market along with Russia, China and the United States.

Africa map

Due to the fact that the history of state formations of the African continent was rather complicated, when a significant part of the countries of Europe located their colonies on the territory of Africa, the map of Africa is no less complicated. So, in addition to the borders of 55 countries of this continent, a significant part of them today does not have a clear distinction, since some of the territories are of a controversial nature, which sometimes leads to armed conflicts of mainly ethnic or religious nature.

African history

Despite the fact that we are more familiar with the modern history of Africa, this continent has on its territory a huge number of historical artifacts confirming that in these territories there were prehistoric tribes and states that had a high culture and developed economy.

So, in particular, the most famous of these countries are Ancient Egypt and countries that were once located in Mesopotamia, which, in addition to their writing and religion, had skills in high-productivity agriculture, metallurgy, and pottery production.

Wild africa

Due to its geographical location and development history, the territory of Africa today attracts numerous tourists from almost all over the world, because the so-called Wild Africa attracts them with its virgin nature, which has preserved in its original form both its animal and plant worlds.

African animals

Being a fairly long period of its history in an isolated state from another world, African animals are of great interest to researchers of various directions in the field of ecology and the problems of conservation of certain animal species that are not found on other continents of the Planet.

Deserts of africa

No less remarkable feature of the African continent are the deserts of Africa, which occupy a significant part of it and comprise an area of ​​more than 600 thousand square kilometers. At the same time, located on the territory of such countries as Botswana, South Africa and Namibia, the deserts of Africa have a constant tendency to spread to the adjacent territories. This is mainly due to a significant change in the climate of the Planet towards its warming.

Tribes of africa

Despite the fact that today a significant part of the African population has followed the European path of development, in some remote areas of the African continent there are still tribes of Africa who have preserved their prehistoric identity and culture to this day. In particular, among this category of the population of Africa, we can distinguish the tribes of the Masses, who today live in their historical territories and practically do not use the existing benefits of modern civilization in their everyday lives.скачать dle 11.0фильмы бесплатно
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