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Average temperature at night: +7 - +18°C

Average daily temperature: +10 - +35°C

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Rest cost:400 - 900


Hotels are not a strong point of the Kingdom of Lesotho. There are very few of them here, the level of service wants the best, and different bureaucratic problems are likely to occur when checking in. If you book a room via the Internet, be sure to print a confirmation of your reservation, otherwise they will not be available without it.

Most hotels in the capital of the Kingdom are Maseru. There are quite acceptable options for a short stay, for example, the hotel "Lancers Inn" (Lancers Inn), "Kick for life hotel and conference center" (Kick4Life Hotel & Conference Center).


The Kingdom of Lesotho is Africa's smallest and highest country, surrounded on all sides by South Africa. Beautiful landscapes, winding mountain trails, colorful culture of local residents are the main attractions of the country.

The Bokong Nature Reserve is located at an altitude of three thousand meters above sea level. Local waterfall, freezing in winter, a real wonder of the world.

The Sekhlabatebe National Park is famous for savannahs, karst caves, and intricate mountain trails. The animal world is represented by hyenas, antelopes, foxes, black herons and 200 species of birds. This is the first park in the country opened for the purpose of nature conservation.


Exhibits of the National Museum of Lesotho will tell about the rich history of the country, geology of the relief, tribal traditions, everyday life of local residents, the history of independence. The Soto people have long inhabited these lands. It is his history and beliefs that most of the museum's exhibitions are devoted to.

The Basuto Craft Center is a small two-story house built in the traditional Basuto style. Here you can buy products of traditional crafts of the people: dishes, jewelry, clay figurines and much more.


Afri-Ski is the largest ski resort in Lesotho. The season begins in mid-April and lasts until the end of September. There is only one slope, by the standards of European resorts it is not much.


Thanks to its majestic mountain landscapes and landscapes similar to Tibet, Lesotho is an ideal place for hiking, trekking and cycling. Trout is found in mountain rivers. Fishing is allowed upon purchase of a license. Lesotho is a small African country, in just a day you can get acquainted with its cultural life, marvelous landscapes and life of local residents.

Lesotho Terrain :: mostly mountainous with plateaus, hills, and mountains.


It is best to move around the country with all-wheel drive cars. There are few good roads, only a third of the country has asphalt roads between cities. It is recommended not to travel in bad weather and in the dark because of the difficult terrain of roads and animals freely walking along the highway.

Standard of living

Lesotho is a poor African country. She is saved by a happy neighborhood with South Africa, where the inhabitants of the Kingdom leave for seasonal earnings. The rest of the population is engaged in agriculture, mining (diamond mining) and small industry, sewing clothes.

Life expectancy is 56 years for women and 48 for men. This is due to the fact that 36% of the population is infected with HIV.

Cities of Lesotho

Maseru is the capital of the country. Here is the residence of the king. The city is unique in that the majority of local residents have maintained their traditional way of life. 22 thousand inhabitants live here. This is the only major city in the Kingdom.скачать dle 11.0фильмы бесплатно
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